Fullset cost$620,included:Nude doll$455, Face-up$50,Wig(GW58-001)$28,Outfit(D58-001)$77,Shoes(NS58—001)$23,Eyes(G14-120(14mm)). Default body is NB58-001 in white. You can choose DZ white, yellow, pink,tan skin and grey.If you want tan skin or grey , please add $90. P.S.Fullset doesn't include body blushing.However,if you want it,just add$45. As the deep pigment for tan skin, it will result in the color variation, pls pay attention to order the doll in tan skin.


             Height (including head):56cm
Head size: 19cm
 Neck size: 7.7cm
    Shoulder width: 8cm
   Arm length: 16.5cm
 Chest size: 22cm
 Waist size: 16cm
 Hip size: 24.5cm
 Leg length: 29cm
 Thigh size: 14cm
 Knee size: 8.5cm
  Ankle size: 6.6cm
   Foot length: 6.5cm
  Foot width: 2.5cm