Note: Fullset includes:nude doll(b70-003),face-up($50),outfit (C70-019),wig (GW60-011A) ,eyes(G18-001). Nude doll price is $495.Default body is coming with the normal arm, and the special one will be putted together.The chain in the picture is 14meters, but what we will give with fullset is 5 meters. Tan skin need to add $80. There's no painted for the specail arm with fullset doll,it's including in the body blushing($60).You can choose DZ white, yellow, pink,tan skin and grey.If you want tan skin or grey , please add $90.

        Head size:21.5cm
    Neck size:10cm
            Shoulder width:14cm
       Arms length:20cm
       Chest size:28.5cm
         Waist size: 21.5cm
  Hip size: 28cm
         Thigh width:15.6cm
      Leg length:38cm
      Foot length:8cm 
   Foot width: 3cm