Fullset cost$255,includes:Nude doll$160, Face-up,Body make up,Wig(gw16-001), Outfit(c10-001),Eyes(10mm). Default body is B10-001 in white. Face up+Body make up is $60. If you buy it separately, it will be $50 for each. You can choose DZ white, yellow, pink,tan skin and grey.If you want tan skin or grey, please add $60.


Height (Including head):11.5cm
Height (without head):7.8cm
Head size: 13cm
Neck size: 3cm
Shoulder width: 2.2cm
Arm length: 2.6cm
Chest Size: 5.5cm
Waist size: 6.5cm
Hip size: 7.5cm
Leg length: 3.5cm
Thigh width: 4.3cm
Foot length: 1.4cm
Foot width: 0.8cm