Fullset included:nude doll,face-up,outfit(C45-053),wig(GW45-007),shoes(S45-024),eyes(14mm).Body make-up is not included.Nude doll price is $240. Default skin is white,and the body is B45-008. There're three kinds skin for choice,white,normal pink and normal yellow.


Height(Including head):42cm
Head size:17.5cm
Neck size: 6.5cm
Shoulder width: 6.5cm
Arm length: 13.4cm
Chest Size: 15.9cm
Waist size: 13.1cm
Hip size: 21cm
Thigh width: 11cm
Leg length: 22.3cm
Foot length: 5.6cm
Foot width: 2.1cm