This price not include head .This body is double joint body.Exclude head and body make-up,this body is available for the doll's head which neck size is 7.7cm. Can not fit the old DZ 58cm big head and 65cm head.You can choose DZ white, yellow, pink, tan skin and grey.If you want tan skin or grey, please add $60.


Neck size: 7.7cm
Shoulder width: 8cm
Arm length: 16.5cm
Chest size: 22cm
Waist size: 16cm
Hip size: 24.5cm
Leg length: 29cm
Thigh size: 14cm
Knee size: 8.5cm
Ankle size: 6.6cm
Foot length: 6.5cm
Foot width: 2.5cm