Fullset($440) included:Nude doll$260,Makeup $60,Outfit(C45-082)$73,Wig(GW45-038)$23,Shoes(KS-002),Eyes(G12-127); default skin tone is white,default body is B45-012. You can choose DZ white, yellow, pink,tan skin and grey.If you want tan skin or grey, please add $60. P.S. Fullset doesn't include body blushing.However,if you want it,just add$30,and fullset is not including the mask,but if you purchase fullset or the nude doll,you can get it adding $30.We sell the Mask separately,M-009 is $39,make up is $30.

 Height (Including head):42cm
Height (without head):37cm
Head size: 18cm
Neck size: 6cm
Shoulder width: 7cm
Arm length: 12cm
Chest Size: 17cm
Waist size: 13cm
Hip size: 20cm
Leg length: 21cm
Thigh width: 11.3cm
Foot length: 5cm 
Foot width: 1.7cm