Yo Carter
He will be discontinued after 31th july,2020. fullset is including nude doll,Face-up 40$, Wig(gw25-023), Outfit(c27-023), shoes(s27-006) and Eyes(14mm). The doll in promotion picture is white skin. Default body is b27-005. Skin color: white, pink,peach, gray are available. Gray for blank doll needs more 60$, for single head needs more $20. The eyes in promotion picture are just for show.

Height (Including head):29cm
Height (without head):23.5cm
Head size: 16.5cm
Neck size: 5cm
Shoulder width: 5.5cm
Arm length: 9.3cm
Chest Size: 12.3cm
Waist size: 11.5cm
Hip size: 15cm
Leg length:14cm
Thigh width: 8.5cm
Foot length: 3.8cm 
Foot width: 1.6cm