Yo Carter
Yo Carter is a limited event doll and cannot be purchased separately. He’s blank head is limited for 200, and his nude doll is limited for 100 to send. Yo Carter can not be purchased separately. He will be discontinued after this event. Face-up 40$, Wig(gw25-023) 18$, Outfit(c27-023) 49$, shoes(s27-006) 17$ and Eyes(14mm). The doll in promotion picture is white skin. Default body is b27-005. Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray and tan are available. Gray and tan for blank doll needs more 60$, for single head needs more $20. The eyes in promotion picture are just for show.


Height (Including head):29cm
Height (without head):23.5cm
Head size: 16.5cm
Neck size: 5cm
Shoulder width: 5.5cm
Arm length: 9.3cm
Chest Size: 12.3cm
Waist size: 11.5cm
Hip size: 15cm
Leg length:14cm
Thigh width: 8.5cm
Foot length: 3.8cm 
Foot width: 1.6cm