Full-set $455 includes: Nude doll $279, Face-up $50, Wig(The wig cannot be purchased alone),Outfit(C45-093) $68, shoes(S45-039) $19 and Eyes(16mm). Full-set does not include body blushing. Body blushing $30 can be purchased separately. The doll in promotion picture is purple skin. Default body is B45-017Bust-A. Skin color: white, pink, yellow, gray are available. Gray needs more $60.The eyes included fullset are different from official figures ,we will attach these pictures when we have them.Full-set does not include ears,ears$20,ears with make up$28,the skin is only white.


Height (Including head):44cm
Height (without head):38cm
Head size: 18.6cm
Neck size: 6.5cm
Shoulder width: 7.6cm
Arm length: 13cm
Chest Size: A breast 17.2cm,B breast 18cm
Waist Size: 13.6cm
Hip Size: 20cm
Leg Length: 22cm
Thigh Width: 11.5cm
Foot Length: 5.5cm 
Foot Width: 2cm