Black Tea
Full-set $880. includes: Nude doll, Helmet, Breastplate, waist armour, sword, Face-up, Outfit , Wig, shoes and Eyes(14mm). The doll in promotion picture is white skin. Just white resin fullset is available. Outfit includes: Skirts, sleeves, gloves, socks.


Height (Including head):44cm
Height (without head):38cm
Head size: 18.6cm
Neck size: 6.5cm
Shoulder width: 7.6cm
Arm length: 13cm
Chest Size: 17.2cm 

Waist Size: 13.6cm
Hip Size: 20cm
Leg Length: 22cm
Thigh Width: 11.5cm
Foot Length: 5.5cm 
Foot Width: 2cm